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Ghanda Moola is when a child is born at an inauspicious time. At that moment in time for that day, the ruling star constellation is indicated by the Vedic degree of the Moon at the time of birth of a child. Ghanda means death inflicting; creation of sickness or separation of family. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A CHILD IS BORN IN MOOLA? The father should not see the child until a special Puja is done or else disaster will strike the family. For the past year, I have been consulted by many Pundits and Students of this science, asking the reason for some of the disasters that followed the birth of a baby in the family. 

The knowledge of MOOLA NAKSHTRAS (star) is an ancient one but apparently was partially lost over the centuries, as our people gave up the transcendental side of life in exchange for the temporary existence of material life. True knowledge gave way to aggressiveness and quest for material acquisitions.

GHANDA MOOLA IS WHEN A FATHER SHOULD NOT SEE A BABY IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE BIRTH. It has always been known by the Ancient scientists that when babiesare born, it is the coming of the soul with all it's "Bad" and "Good" karmas. All of this energy is concentrated in the eyes and face of the baby. If however this energy is negative, it is transferred immediately to the eyes of the father who will then carry it for a while as he communicates with family members. Usually this "negative" energy can cause death of the child, separation of its parents, death of a family member or family relation.  If the proper Vedic rules are not followed, this energy will be carried by the baby throughout its life and at the time of marriage it can cause death of the in-laws or other relatives.

To prevent disaster in the family, it is important that the father should check with a Hindu Priest or astrologer before going to see the new born baby. In our adopted Western lifestyle, unlike the olden days, fathers are asked to be with the mother in the hospital and watch the birth of the baby. This is dangerous. If a child is born under Moola, then the father should not see the child until the proper puja is done. In some cases where the father is really anxious to see the baby, he may do this by looking at a reflection of the baby through a mirror. In other instances the father may be able to see the child after a period of 21 or 29 days have passed. Under no circumstances however, must the father look directly at the baby unless advised to do so by a competent Hindu priest. Some of our Pundits believe that there are only four Nakshatras or birth stars responsible for Ghanda Moola - ASHWLESA, MAGHA, MOOLA and JYESHTA.  According to the Vedic literature, there are really TWELVE Ghanda Moola Stars. These are:  ASHWINI, KRITIKKA, MAGHA, JYESHTA, CHITRA, MOOLA, ASHWELSA,REVATI,UTTRA-PHALGUNI PUSHYA, PURVASHADA, HASTA.

Only parts of these stars known as 'Padas' or sections are considered to be Ghanda Moola. Below you will find those specific degrees that apply to the part of the Ghanda Moola stars. In terms of the Vedic degree of the MOON, they are as follows: STAR # STAR NAME MOON DEGREES AGE OF E POSSIBLE INFLUENCE 1 Ashwini 00.0 - 06.4 16 yrs Danger to the mother & government 3 Kritikka 26.4 -40.0 1 yr Danger to self and grandparents 10 Magha 120.0 - 133.2 8 yr Sickness and separation 18 Jyeshta 226.4 - 240.0 1 yr Sickness and/or separation 14 Chitra 176.4 - 186.4 4 yr Diseases and sickness of self 19 Moola 240.0 - 253.2 4 yr Death or danger to family member 9 Ashwelsa 110.0 - 120.0 2 yr Sickness and separation 27 Revati 346.4 - 360.0 1 yr Diseases and sickness to parents 12 Uttra Phalguni 150.0 - 153.2 2 mths Separation and Health problems 8 Pushya 100.0 - 106.2 3 mths Financial and health problems 20 Purvashada 253.2 - 266.4 9 mths Danger to father/mother/uncle or self 13 Hasta 163.2 - 166.4 12 yrs Danger to father's side of family Amavasya Divali Night N Moon/Oct - Nov 36 yrs Imprisonment and court problems There are other types of MOOLA BIRTHS which are very important for the Hindu Priest to consider when checking the birth of a baby. They are as follows. 1: PREMATURE BIRTHS      5th month - Will affect the love life of the parents      6th month - Will create conflict in family       7th month - Will attract religious enemies       8th month - Will affect parents finances 2: In addition to the stars the following are also unlucky     Eclipses (Garahan) - Moon or Sun     Atepath     Bhadras            - Bad Lunar days     Sakrant            - When Sun/Moon is changing Zodiac     Gandas             - Bad parts of Stars*     Chaudasi           - Day before Full or New Moon     Amavasya           - Day Before New moon     Mondays Child's Ear should be pierced *The first 3 degrees of the Stars Ashwlesa, Jyeshta, Revati, Magha are Gandas.

If birth occurs in day, then it is bad for fathers; if the child is born at night,then it is bad for the mother.  Father must not look at the baby until the proper puja is done. 3: BIRTH IN KARTIKA MONTH IN CERTAIN YEARS (MALMAS) 4: BIRTH IN 6TH OR 8TH HOUSE OF MOON 5: THE FIRST OR 1OTH BORN CHILD IN THE FAMILY WILL STRUGGLE IN LIFE 6: THE 4TH OR 13TH BORN CHILD HAS TO WORK HARD FOR HIS OR HER LIVING 7: THE 6TH OR 15TH BORN CHILD WILL SUFFER TREMENDOUS WITH HEALTH PROBLEM 8: THE 9TH OR 18TH BORN CHILD WILL SUFFER FROM FINANCIAL GOVT. PROBLEMS 9: TETAR BETI/BETA - i.e.. After 3 girls comes a boy (Tetar Beta) or after 3 boys comes a girl (Tetra Beti) There are also more serious MOOLAS. Some people can be born under the Snake Energy or NAAG KANYA.

Usually this is observed as hairs growing on the back in the shape of a snake from the bottom of the spine to the head. In such case, death of the spouse will be immediate after sexual consummation. Special remedies are available to counteract this effect before marriage. A special tuft of hair in the middle of the back of a person will guarantee the death of an elder person of the in-law side of the family. Another type of moola is evident when a woman or a man has FLAT FEET, i.e: there is no arch on the bottom of the foot. This affliction causes the person to lose all the money and property of the household in which he or she resides. Relief from Ghanda Moola is really very simple once your Pundits have the correct knowledge. All they have to do is find out the Hindu degree of the Moon at the time of birth. If that degree of the Moon show that the birth is a Ghanda Moola birth, then your pundit will know the proper puja that is needed to be performed BEFORE the father is allowed to see the baby. Swamiji


Those who cannot come for ghand moola shanti puja have to send us a family photo a seprate photo of child thread of childs length 1 Kg 250gms of rice ,favorite color cloths of father used cloth of child  mud and favorite color cloth of all family members

The video recorded cd of ghand moola puja done for them will be sent  along with puja prashad other nakshatra puja click here

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