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Lal Kitab`s central theme is to diagnose problems by studying the chart of a person and providing simplistic solutions to him. Lal Kitab needs no formal introduction. It is popular amongst neophytes and masters of astrology equally. The enamoured of the remedial measures of Lal Kitab and the astrologers who suggest them take pride in them. The measures are too simple to be explained in detail and too typical to be understood by an intelligent human being. Whatever be the facts they are quite effective and cannot be just given up for their simplicity. Rather they bring credit to him who suggests them. On the face of it Lal Kitab is an important treatise on palmistry and astrology. Ordinarily the palmists talk of mounts and lines Sun, Moon and Mars etc. but it is in Lal Kitab only that we comes across the birth charts of the natives having twelve houses and all the planets (earliest known nine planets) posted there. Rules of prediction are also very much like those enunciated in astrology. Despite all this, the astrology of Lal Kitab is different from astrology we know of, be it eastern, western or of any origin. Lal Kitab is essentially palmistry. The astrological contents that are added to it are to reflect the findings of a palmist or rather to corroborate it.

The palm has been divided into 12 parts just as the natural Zodiac is divided into twelve signs like Aries, Taurus etc. Some types of shapes have been allotted to planets. These shapes wherever they exist on palm are supposed to be occupying particular houses of the birth chart. These signs represent the planets they are alloted to.


Thus we have the twelve houses and the nine planets posted in the chart having twelve houses. The astrological chart is ready on the basis of the palm. They are often different from the birth charts prepared on astrological principles. The authenticity of astrological charts is to be corrected by the chart prepared from palm imprints. How charts are made from the palm is not our subject here.

We propose only to discuss and deal with astrological contents of the book. Whatever be the system or method of preparation the chart has ascendant or the lagna and the other twelve houses numbered serially. Though they are the 12 sings of the Zodiac the signs have no significance in the chart. For signs, we may say, each horoscope is to be treated just like the horoscope of Kala Purusha; that is, house No. 1 should be considered as identical with Aries in all cases. As Sun is exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra, we say that Sun is exalted in Lagna and debilitated in the 7th house. The lordship of the houses will also go likewise. Mars is always the lagna Lord and Venus the 7th Lord. In the palm we talk of lower Mars and upper Mars. In Lal Kitab?s astrology we have two Mars, one a malefic or bad Mars and the other a benefic or a kind of good Mars.

This is one peculiarity of Lal Kitab?

Both the Mars have their own properties. As regards the comparative power of the planets it is the same as given in classical texts but at the same time we come across the concept of equivalent planets. Mercury for instance, is considered to be equivalent to Sun in power of giving results. We have a concept of blind or sleeping planets and blind or sleeping houses in Lal Kitab. The planets are supposed to have an aspect of some houses and affect the results of those houses.

 In Lal Kitab if the aspecting planet has no planet in the aspected house the aspecting planet becomes a blind planet in the aspected house the aspecting planet becomes a blind planet himself. It may be pertinent to note that the aspect of the planet is not the same in each house. Sun if posited in house 2 shall not aspect the 8th house but the 6th house only and if 6th house is unoccupied sun becomes blind. In short it is the house that grants aspect to the planet. The house is blind if it has no planets in it. This is the concept in astrology also. We call that house as weak. There is also a concept of the artificial planets.

A group of two planets together form one particular artificial planet or a substitute of that planet. Sun and Venus together form one artificial Moon. Likewise there are artificial planets for each of the planets including the nodes Rahu and Ketu. There is also a concept of sacrificial goats. If, suppose, Sun is afflicted by Saturn the effects of Sun shall be affected. This will not affect the effects of any other planet like Mars, Mercury or Rahu etc. According to Lal Kitab the affliction of Sun shall be passed on to Ketu. In other words the affliction would affect the results of Ketu.

The affliction of Saturn would be spoilt. The wife of the native may die or suffer from miseries and troubles. It may be brought on record that such effects have actually been noticed although Saturn does not represent wife nor he is the significator of wife. Such results do need a deep research and the results are likely to enrich our astrology. We have a basic assumption that a planet gives the results of the houses of his lordship and those of the house occupied by him. He may, according to some, also offer the results of house or houses of which he is the natural significator although we have our own reservations but the planet in Lal Kitab can give results of any house by applying suitable remedies. This is a revolutionary concept and really needs deep research work like the assumption of sacrificial goats referred to above.

These are some of the special features of Lal Kitab?s astrology. They may look strange but it should be remembered that the basis of astrology in Lal Kitab is palmistry. Some of these features are useful in suggesting remedies. The concept of artificial planets particularly is of great help in remedies against planetary ills. Mercury is an enemy of Jupiter. If Mercury afflicts Jupiter we may try to help Jupiter because the group of Jupiter and Rahu together is an artificial Mercury. If Jupiter is propitiated Mercury shall lose half of his strength and Jupiter shall become extra strong. In case Jupiter afflicts Mercury we should propitiate Venus because Sun and Venus constitute Jupiter.

By strengthening Venus we shall be increasing power of Mercury (Venus is Mercury?s friend) and decreasing the power of affliction of Jupiter. The Twelve Houses of the horoscope There are twelve signs in the natural Zodiac and 12 houses in the horoscope. All affairs of human life are divided into 12 classes and each class of affair is in the domain of one or the other house of the chart. Out of the 12 houses the first house or the lagna is the most important of them all. Being the first house all the subsequent houses stand in relation to it. Every thing depends upon the strength or otherwise of this house. Lal Kitab states that the house is the house of struggle between Maya and Jiva or the soul and matter. In other words it is the house of struggle to get liberation from the shakles of Maya. It is the throne of the ruler.

The achievements or failures of the native depend largely upon this house. In Lal Kitab this house also stands for education, intelligence and longevity.  Mars is the ruler of the house. Sun is the natural significator. In fact Sun represents the human soul and vitality in the physical body. Planet posited in house No. 1 aspects the planets in house No. 7 and unburdens itself to some extent provided the house No. 7 is occupied and not vacant. If this house is vacant the planets in house No. 1 become inert. This is also true if the lagna is not occupied. The lagna house becomes inactive or weak. This house has a relationship with house No. 11.

If the latter is unoccupied the planet in lagna gives good results. If there are a two or more planet in lagna Venus becomes the judge to decide about the nature of results. In other words Venus gets importance if there are two or more planets in the lagna. Incidently, house No. 2 is the Dharmasthana or the place of worship. Venus is its ruler. It is but natural that our own deeds or misdeeds come to play their part in the struggle for liberation. House No. 2 stands is the Dharmasthana or the place of worship. It also has the portfolios of wealth, education, honour and mind. This is the house that stands for the fruits of the karmas or the deeds and misdeeds of the native. Here is the seat of Jupiter the jagat Guru or the preceptor of the world at large. House No. 9 is considered to be the ocean of Karmas. It is from house No. 9 that the winds laden with water of the Karmas rise and pour it on house No. 2. For good results of House No. 2 the house No. 8 should be vacant or unoccupied.

The results are likely to be better if house No. 2 is also vacant. This may appear strange but every thing becomes clear if we go by the assumptions of Lal Kitab. Planets in house No. 2 are aspected by the planets in house 2 aspect the planets in house No. 6. If houses 2, 6 and 8 are all occupied the poison of house No. 8 shall be transferred to house No. 6 through the agency of the aspect of the planets in house No. 2. If houses 2 and 8 are both vacant there is no question of compounding the troubles of 6th house. House No. 2 gets its strength from house No. 4. Wherever there is a severe onslaught of misfortunes from house No. 9 due to the weakness of Dharmasthana or the Jagatguru or Venus, house No. 4, comes to rescue. In times of adversities we should look towards the strength of 4th house, its lord the natural significator or Karaka Moon who stands for mother as well as mortality and mind. Perhaps mother's blessings may help the native tide over his/her difficulties.

 Lal Kitab refers to house No. 3 as   the times of exit from this world and the gateway of exit. In other words we come to know about the time of death and its causes. As illness is one of the routine ways of exit we have to judge the illness and diseases from this house. This is an inauspicious and malefic house that way. Malefics in Dusthanas or inauspicious houses are normally considered to be a good placement. According to Lal Kitab are placements of sinners meaning Rahu and Ketu in house No. 3 is horrible. It is said that even if they are not able to bring about the end itself they shall be competent to bring about death-like position. This may happen when house 3 is occupied by Rahu or Ketu and houses 6 and/or 8 by malefics. In adversities this house gets strength from 12th house even though the planets in 12th house are enemies of the planets in the 3rd house. In a hypothetical case let us assume that Ketu occupies house No. 3 and Mars is posited in house No. 12. Mars is an enemy of Ketu but in emergencies Mars will always help Ketu despite his enmity. Ketu shall have no ill effects upon the native. Likewise Jupiter in the 3rd house and Mercury his enemy, in 12th house will not be able to cause any harm. On the other hand there will be all round happiness and prosperity.

If the houses are occupied by two or more planets we have to assess the harm, in any, in respect of each planet and then draw our final conclusions. Rahu and Venus in 12th house normally being about the death of the partner ? wife or husband ? in 24/25th year of the native. If Saturn occupies the 3rd house simultaneously Rahu will not be able to play his mischief. Saturn will help Venus. Mercury is the lord of 3rd house, Mars its natural Significator and Rahu shall have the dignity of exaltation. House No. 4 is the period of childhood and the prenatal period. It also covers the old age. Moon is the lord and natural significator of the house. It is a well-known assumption that Moon is strong by night. Similar is the position of planets in this house.

They are strong by the night and also when there is some trouble. Jupiter gets exalted here. No planet gives bad effects to the affairs of this house if Moon does not occupy and of the house No. 1, 4, 7 or 10. Even the rank malefics like Rahu and Ketu become benefics for this house is Moon does not occupy any of the quandrangular houses. The bad effects of planets in house No. 4 are transferred to the affairs of the house occupied by Saturn. For the pre-natal period if any if Jupiter, Sun, Mars or Mercury are in 4th house and child will be safe and healthy in mother?s womb before birth and even Rahu or Ketu would not be able to spoil that. House No. 5 is the house of progeny and the future of the native. How shall the native fare in the world can be known from his house No. 5. About the welfare of children also we have to judge the same house.

So long as Jupiter is in good position there shall be peace and prosperity. This means that Jupiter should be benefic by his placement and position in the annual progressed charts. If houses 6 and/or 10 are afflicted the articles connected with the planet inimical to the planet in 5th house should be kept under ground in the house. If house No. 8 is also afflicted the article should be kept under ground in the ancestral house. In case house No. 5 is occupied by Rahu and Saturn, Venus in 11th house, Ketu in 8th and Jupiter in the 10th house there shall be illness initially to the partner and thereafter the son is likely to suffer. For this malady loaves of bread or flour of the weight of the son should be given to dogs for 25 to 48 days. If house 4 or 4 or 9 is afflicted the planet in house 5 shall give bad results. The planets in houses 6 or 10 will also give bad results without any regard whether they are friends or foes of the planet in house No. 5. Rahu and Ketu will influence results according to their placement in the chart. Sun is the lord of this house.

Jupiter is the Karaka graha or the natural significator planet for the house. House No. 6 is known as  the hidden world, treasure house of mercy and providential help. House No. 6 is ruled by Mercury and hence the planet in house No. 6 is likely to afflict the results of house occupied by Mercury, Ketu or Venus. House No. 6 is aspected by the planets in house No. 2 and the house No. 8 through house No. 2. In such a case if Mercury or Rahu happen to be posited in house 6 there would be no bad effects of the malefics on the house because it is the house of exaltation for both of them. Ketu is the natural significator of the affairs of the house. It has been said above the houses 2, 6 and 8 are mutually inter-connected with each other. While attempting and modification in any of the houses including the 6th house we have to keep in view all the three houses. If house No. 6 is unoccupied there shall be no transfer of the afflictions of 8th and 2nd houses. There shall also be no aspect from 6th house to 12th house.

 The obvious result would be that the planets in 2nd and 12th houses will get extra strength. To avail of this opportunity is houses 2 and 3 are occupied by benefics it would always be helpful to awaken house No. 6. This is possible by serving the maternal uncles (helping them) or serving the daughters of the daughter. Except Sun, Jupiter and Moon all the other planets in 6th house would be offering their own results. Mercury and Ketu will not offer good results till the age of the planet in house 6 or 8. The question of the ages of planets will be dealt with at its proper place. Although the planets in house No. 6 are aspected by the planets in house No. 2 but the position would be reversed in the case of Saturn who will aspect house No. 2 from 6th house. House No. 7 is known for the family affairs, where the native has to struggle hard for fulfilling his material wants of bread, clothing the housing etc. It has been apply described by Lal Kitab in the following words. The native gets ground between the earth and the sky for food .

Here Akaash, Zameen, Rizque and Akal have been used metaphorically for Venus and Mercury because both these planets are the natural significators and Venus is also the lord of the house. The native sweats himself out in search of his food and clothing etc. Sun, Moon and Rahu offer the results according to the placement and position of Venus. Bad results due to the position of Venus cannot be improved or mitigated by remedies. In other words these results shall come to pass and the remedies will all go waste. Mercury, Saturn and Ketu shall give their results at various periods. If these results are bad we may try some remedial measures and they shall be set right or improved. Normally the male planets affect the male relations and the female planets on affliction affect the female ones.

 In house 7 if the planets are more than two in number only the male relatives are affected. Sun, Mars and Jupiter are the male planets. Moon and Venus are females. House No. 8 deals with death and justice. Here justice means eye for eye and tooth for tooth. In other words the justice is on the basis of tit for tat. It is the joint seat of Mars and Saturn. Both are the natural significators of the house if Sun, Moon and Jupiter singly or jointly occupy this house the bad effects remain limited to house No. 8 and its affairs. Saturn, Moon or Mars occupying this house singly give only good fruits. Saturn, Moon or Mars occupying this house singly give only good fruits. If, however, any two or all the three together join in this house they give bad results. Saturn will give deaths after deaths. Moon shall affect the health of the persons.

Mars and Mercury occupying the house jointly give good results only if Saturn occupies house No. 2. In such a case Mars shall be malefic or the negative Mars. House No. 8 has its influence on house 6. If any of these houses is afflicted the results will be bad for both the houses. In such cases the planets in 12th house should also be judged. The planets may be friendly or inimical the planets in 12th house shall influence the results. Moon is the most powerful planet for the affairs of 8th house. Moon by strength of his placement and position can undo the ill of 12th house also. The cause of the malefic nature of 8th house will be house No. 4 through house No. 2. In other words the houses 2, 4 and 8 should be judged simultaneously. The planets in house 8, if inimical to planets in 2nd house and 11th will strike at the most vulnerable point. House No. 9 is known as  the commencement of luck. Lucky period of the native shall start, good or bad, when the planet in this house becomes effective.

The house is considered to be a great ocean. In case the house is inert, it can be activised through house No. 2 if the other two houses namely the houses 3 and 5 are unoccupied. Any of the planets who has been dormant till he transits house No. 9 and becomes active he will give results at his own age till his period is completed. Every planet has been assigned a particular period of age. By way of illustration, if Jupiter is in house 2 and transits the house in the progressed chart he will give results at the age of 16 and continue to do so till 16 years. Planets in house No. 5 aspect the planets in house 9. If Sun or Moon occupy house 9 there will be no bad effects of even Rahu and Ketu. House No. 9 is the seat of Jupiter. House No. 10 is treated as the ground for the foundation of luck. The planet transiting the house, according to the progressed chart, becomes a doubtful planet. This is to say that nobody can be sure about the nature of results to be given by the planet. The planet in 9 at the time of his transiting house 10 will give bad results even though the planets in house 6 & 5 are the friends. The nature of results would depend upon the nature of houses 8 and 2.

The results will be bad if house 8 is afflicted and good if house 2 is in good shape. If house No. 10 is occupied by inimical planets their results shall be unpredictable An idea of the nature of results can be formed from the position and placement of Moon. If Moon is benefic good results shall be obtained. In case house 10 is unoccupied the planets in house No. 4 will not be able to give good results. Saturn is the natural significator of the house. House No. 11 indicates all about the native?s status and condition. Personal income and earnings of the native and his relation with the world at large can be judged from this house. The results of Rahu and Ketu, if occupying the house, can be judged and they will be good normally if house No. 3 is vacant.

They will however, give bad results in house No. 8. Ketu in house No. 11 would nullify the good effects of Moon and if Rahu occupies the house Jupiter?s good results would be spoilt. Vice versa in each case would also be true. Lal Kitab has given great importance to this house and planets in it. Even Rahu and Ketu give good results. If Rahu is a benefic the native shall not accept a single penny from his parents and whatever he gets will be lost to him due to one reason or the other; but all that he earns by the sweat of his own brow will be with and give him pleasure. House No. 12 is the place of final rest according to the deeds or misdeeds of the native. House 10 reflects the physical valour etc. of the native but 12th deals with the character etc. If houses 2, 6 and 8 are occupied the native has good character.

If houses 2 and 8 are occupied and there is no planet inimical to planet in 8th house the person shall command a keen intellect of very high order. If the life span is divided into 4 compartments we can judge how the native shall fare by the houses 1 to 3, 4, to 6, 7 to 9 and 10 to 12 in each part of his life respectively. Planet in No. 11, its position and placement shall give a glimpse of worldly status of the native. This can be modified by the condition of house No. 12. For improvement of the position of 12th house we look to house No. 1 and its planets. In other words, we can improve and get better results in house No. 12 if we can somehow improve the position of planets in lagna. If lagna is vacant we should go to house No. 2 for improvement. Lal Kitab deals with nine oldest planets, namely Sun, moon, Mars, jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.

Though the last two are nodes yet they are also treated as planets. There are many type of classifcations of these planets some of them are same as we have in regular astrology. The planets are classified as males and females. Sun, Mars and Jupiter are the male planets. Moon and Venus are female planets. Saturn and mercury are the eunuchs. Rahu and Ketu are just the associates of Saturn. They have not been assigned any sex. The rashis ruled by these planets are also the same. Sun rules over Leo, Moon over cancer, Mars over aries and Scorpio, Mercury over Gemini and Virgo, Jupiter over Sagittarius and Pisces, Venus over Taurus and Libra, and Saturn over Capricorn and Aquarius.

As regards houses of exaltations and debilitations of these planets they are also the same as in regular astrology. Sun gets exalted in Aries, moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Cancer, Mercury and Rahu in Virgo, Saturn in Libra, Ketu in Sagittarius, Mars in Capricorn and Venus and Ketu in Pisces. Rahu gets exalted in Gemini also. The houses of debilitation of each planet are houses 180 degrees apart from their houses of  exalation. In birth chart rasis are identical with houses. There is similarity between astrology and Lal Kitab upto this place. One peculiarity of Lal Kitab is that the rasis are not taken into account. The number of  Rasis which are taken to be identical with house numbers, are only important. Pakka Ghar of planets Pakka Ghar is nothing but  the concept of natural significator of houses. Sun's Pakka ghar is lagna.

The other planets Pakka Ghars are as under: Sun Lagna Moon 4th house Mars 3rd & 8th house Mercury 7th house Jupiter 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th house Venus 7th house Saturn 8th and 10th house Rahu 12th house ketu 6th house Friends and Foes of Planets Each planet has  his friends as well as his enemies just as we human beings do. The list for illustration is given below Planet Friends Enemies Sun Jupiter, Mars, Moon Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu Moon Sun, Mercury Ketu, Rahu Mars Sun, Moon, Jupiter Mercury, Ketu Mercury Sun, Venus, Rahu Moon Jupiter Sun, Moon, Mars Venus, Mercury Venus Saturn, Mercuty, Ketu Sun, Moon, Rahu Saturn Mercury, Venus, Rahu Sun, Moon, Mars Rahu Mercury, Ketu, Saturn Sun, Venus, Mars Ketu Venus, Rahu Moon, Mars Apart from friendship or enemity of planets there is also a concept of equivalent planets. The planets so grouped are supposed to be equal in strength. The list of planets is as given under. Planets individually equal to Planets Mercury Sun Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars Moon Venus, Saturn, and Rahu Mars Saturn, Ketu,

Mars and Jupiter Mercury Rahu, Ketu and Saturn Jupiter Mars and Jupiter Venus Ketu and Jupiter Saturn Jupiter and Moon Rahu Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Sun Ketu When Mercury and Sun or Rahu and Mars are posited in one sign together Mercury or Rahu would always be quiet Moon and Sun when posited in any sign with Rahu and Ketu respectively will be less powerful. Artifical Planets : Lal Kitab has the concept that a group of two planets are equivalent to planet noted against each. The list is given bleow. Mercury & Venus together Sun Sun and Jupiter  together represent Moon Sun and Mercury together Positivr Mars Sun and Saturn together Negative Mars Jupiter and Rahu together Mercury Sun and Venus together Jupiter Rahu and Ketu together Venus Jupiter and Venus together Saturn(like ketu) Mars and Mercury together Saturn(like Ketu) Mars and Saturn together reprsent Rahu Exalted Sun and Saturn together represent Rahu Debilitated Venus and Saturn together Ketu Exalted Moon and Saturn Ketu Debilitated Sin and Sinful Planets Often there is reference of  Paap(Sin) and Paapi(Sinful) planets in Lal Kitab.

From Paap or sin is meant Rahu and Ketu from Paapi grahas the reference is to three planets namely Rahu, Ketu and Saturn. Kayam Graha or Established Planet The planet which can give his results freely and without hindrance is called an established planet. In other words no enemy planet should occupy his houses of lordship, exaltation, debility and of  his signification. He should also not be a saathi planet or comrade and he should have no aspect of any planet. Dharmi Grahas or Righteous Planets Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are known as Paapi Planets but they also some times become the Dharmi or righteous planets. Rahu and Ketu becomes righteous in the 4th house or anywhere in the chart with Moon. Similarly saturn becomes righteous when posited in 11th house or anywhere in the chart with jupiter.

 By becoming righteous they do not give good results or become benefics. They shall not simply afflict  the house or the planet. They become neutral. They on there part will not promote or cause any bad effects. Muqabla ke Graha or Matching Planets Each planet has his own friends who behave in a friendly way. Some times one of such planets may occupy the house of  lordship or the Pakka Ghar of his friendly planet and that planet does not occupy any such house of the former. In such a case the two planets, although friends may not remain the true friends. The behaviour of the former will be suspected. He may at times spoil the results of  his friendly planets. The planet shall be known as matching planets. Sun and Mars are friends. If  Mars occupies the lagna and Sun does not occupy such house of mars, Mars behaviour under such circumstances may or may not be friendly to Sun. Mars would be called a matching planet to Sun. Both can harm each other. Lal Kitab deals with nine oldest planets, namely Sun, moon, Mars, jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. Though the last two are nodes yet they are also treated as planets.

 There are many type of classifcations of these planets some of them are same as we have in regular astrology. The planets are classified as males and females. sun, Mars and jupiter are the male planets. Moon and Venus are female planets. Saturn and mercury are the eunuchs. Rahu and Ketu are just the associates of Saturn. They have not been assigned any sex. The rasis ruled by these planets are also the same. Sun rules over Leo, Moon over cancer, Mars over aries and Scorpio, Mercury over Gemini and Virgo, Jupiter over Sagittarius and Pisces, Venus over Taurus and Libra, and Saturn over Capricorn and Aquarius. As regards houses of exaltations and debilitations of these planets they are also the same as in regular astrology. Sun gets exalted in Aries, moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Cancer, Mercury and Rahu in Virgo, Saturn in Libra, Ketu in Sagittarius, Mars in Capricorn and Venus and Ketu in Pisces. Rahu gets exalted in Gemini also. The houses of debilitation of each planet are houses 180 degrees apart from their houses of  exalation. In birth chart rasis are identical with houses. There is similarity between astrology and Lal Kitab upto this place. One peculiarity of Lal Kitab is that the rasis are not taken into account.

The number of  Rasis which are taken to be identical with house numbers, are only important. Pakka Ghar of planets Pakka Ghar is nothing but  the concept of natural significator of houses. Sun's Pakka ghar is lagna. The other planets Pakka Ghars are as under:

Sun  Lagna Moon   4th house Mars  3rd & 8th house Mercury  7th house Jupiter  2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th house Venus  7th house Saturn  8th and 10th house Rahu  12th house ketu  6th house The results of Saturn in 6th house will be doubtful. They may be good, bad or mixed. Jupiter will not give good results at that time. Throwing almonds or coconuts in the running water of a river will be helpful. Jupiter and Sun in one house and Venus in subsequent houses. The profession concerning both the planets will be beneficial. When Jupiter and Saturn give bad results regarding health the service of father, if in joint family with father; will be helpful. Pure gold and saffron in the house will be helpful. When Jupiter Moon give bad results regarding health or wealth or both one silver thali should be kept in the house or an empty silver vessel should be buried in one corner of the houise. Jupiter and Moon in 4th house very auspicious Business or service should be regarding the commodities pertaining to either of the planets. Jupiter and Moon in 7th house is not a good combination. Brokerage or trade will be auspicious as profession. Articles of Ketu should be buried under ground or tied around the neck. (vaidurya is the stone for Ketu).

Jupiter and Moon in 11th house is also not quite auspicious. Some financial help to daughter or father's sister or maternal uncles or to sweeperess will be helpful. Jupiter and Venus in 3rd house is also inauspicious. Clay toys or spreading dust where road is under construction would be profitable profession. Jupiter and Venus in 6th house is also not a good combination. To fight misfortune in this regard some golden thing in the hair of women should always be used. Jupiter and Venus will help if there is a vocation pertaining to Venus. The things may not brighten up immediately but will help in emergencies or when help is most needed. Jupiter and Venus in 8th house give good results generally except in financial matters. The profession concerning mud and dust on roads under construction etc. will be financially profitable. Jupiter and Venus in 10th house may not give bad results regarding money matters unless the native is a non-believer or does irreligious acts. Jupiter and Venus in 11th house. The native seeks pleasures in doing immoral or secret acts that harm his vitality etc. and may have some venereal disease. The ash of gold or silver may be useful if taken internally under medical advice. When Jupiter and Saturn are together in the 5th house the native should never touch wine. When Jupiter and Saturn are together the planet aspecting them should be awakened. Whenever Jupiter and Mercury are together, no good results should be expected of Jupiter. To mitigate the bad effects of Jupiter and Saturn in 2nd house the remedies for Saturn would be useful. In order to save oneself from the poison of houses 6 and 10 one should take the things of the planet inimical to the planet in 5th house and bury them under ground or if the native has his ancestral house the same should be kept in that house till the duration of the bad results of 8th house. If Jupiter is in 10th house, Venus in 11th, Ketu in 8th and Saturn in 5th house. The dogs should be fed with flour loaves of bread.

The flour should be of the weight of the son and feeding continue from 25 to 48 days. If 2nd house is occupied by benefic planets and the 12th house also contains similar planets it would be beneficial to awaken the 6th house. In other words the native should serve his maternal uncles and help them or serve his own daughters and help them. The planet who transits house No. 6 in the annual progressed chart will cause health afflion. The relevant commodities of that planet should be given in alms and charities. Mercury, Saturn and Ketu will give the results of 7th house. If they are undesirable they can be remedied. Commodities of the planets or the relative signigfied by them should be served. When the planet in 11th house of the birth chart transits 11th house or 8th house the articles pertaining to the planet should not be purchased (new) and brought in the house and kept safely. House No. 9 can be awakened throught eh 2nd house provided house 3 and 5 are empty. If house No. 10 is unoccupied the planets in the 4th house cannot give good results. Service of parents will be helpful. Ten blind persons should be fed. Money in cash to the blind persons for food would be of no avail. If the planets in 8th house are inimical to planets in house 11 the native will not be benefitted by anything relating to planets in the 11th house. They will be helpful if the articles pertaining to the planet friendly to the planet in house 11 or pertaining to the planet who can change the directtion of the planet in the 11th, are also purchased simultaneously. If you are purchasing a house when Saturn is in 11th house you should also bring a dog to the house. If some machines are purchased the toys for the children should also be purchased.

The planets in the 11th house will generally give good results when they transit house No. 1. When they transit the 8th house they will give bad results. In such a case the articles of the planet in 11th house or those of his friends would be helpful. Provided none of the planets Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are transiting the lagna at that time. If any of these planets is in the lagna the articles pertaining to the planets in 9th house at that time would be helpful. In case the 9th house is unoccupied Jupiter's articles will be helpful. Sun in the 11th house will give good results so long as the native remains religious, pious and vegetarian. If he indulges in drinking and non vegetarianism the results may be awful. He may be childless. If Jupiter and Ketu are good in the chart, Moon in 11th house will give very good results at least till the mother of the native is alive. If Jupiter is giving bad results according to the birth chart, at the time of marriage of the girl(when celebrated according to Hindu tradition) two pieces of pure gold (of any weight but the two should be of equal weight) should be given in charity as the girl is given to the bridegroom. One of those pieces should be thrown in running water of a river and the other kept by the bride which she should not sell away but should keep with her. So Long as it is with the bride there would be no bad effects of Jupiter. If Sun is giving bad results the pieces should be of red copper. In case of such a Moon pearl (white) should be substituted for gold. If real pearl is not available, a weight of the native should be kept in the house at the time of marriage. For Venus we substitute pearls of the curd hue. For Mars it may be red (not bright red) stone, for Mercury take diamond, for Saturn iron and steel, for Rahu the remedies of Moon given above and for Ketu take stone of two colours If houses 8 and 12 are occupied by friendly planets and house 2 is unoccupied or if houses 8 and 12 are occupied by friendly planets, house No. 6 contains some benefic planet and 2nd house remains unoccupied the native will do well to go to places of worship and touching any part of his body to the deity in paying his regards.

This may mean touching the feet of the deity with hands etc. In case of eye troubles or to remove bad effects of Saturn throw coconuts in the running water. Saturn in the 6th house will be giving good as well as bad results but it shall surely spoil the good results of Jupiter. Things pertaining to Saturn like the coconuts and almonds etc., should be thrown in the running water. If Jupiter is in the lagna for generally good results the native should undertake the business or trade indicated by Moon. For help of children undertake the vocations of Ketu. For good luck of wife the things relating to Venus will be helpful. For his own prosperity or victory in quarrels, Sun would be helpful. When Jupiter is in lagna and Saturn in the 11th house service of cow is recommended. When Jupiter is in lagna and the 7th house is unoccupied vacations pertaining to Venus should be under taken. Under this combination if the native gets a male child, or constructs a new house or if any of the blood relations of the native gets married, bad results are likely to happen. In such cases the commodities pertaining to Mars should be buried underground. When Jupiter is in 2nd house and Mercury in 10th house giving bad results, remedies pertaining to Saturn should be used. When Jupiter is in 2nd house and Venus & Mercury in 10th house remedies of Moon are necessary. Mercury and Saturn in 10th house remedies of Moon are necessary. Mercury and Saturn in 10th house giving bad results need the remedies of Jupiter. When Jupiter is in 3rd house Durga Paath is always suggested. When Jupiter is in 4th house sleeping or inert that is there is no planet in 10th house the native to have good effects of Jupiter should not allow his bare body seen by any body that is, he should be fully dressed before other persons. He will keep on having financial stability. When Jupiter is in 6th house and Ketu is badly placed the native should do the remedies of Ketu. In unlucky periods when Jupiter occupies the 8th house the native should give in alms the commodities of Venus or Jupiter to the places of worship.

When Jupiter in 10th house and Mars in 4th house the native should help or serve the relatives indicated by Mars. He should help or at least behave respectfully with his brother. Most help ful Mantra would be Shree Ganeshaya Namah. When Jupiter is in 11th house and Sun, Moon or Mars are in 5th house and give bad results the native should follow some trade or business alongwith his brother or a cousin if he has no coborn. When Sun afflicts other planets the friendly planets to Sun that is Moon, Mars and Jupiter should be propitiated. When Sun ocupies 6th or 7th house, Mercury should be propitiated. Some times extinguishing the fire of the chulha (where we cook our food) by pouring milk is extremely helpful. When Sun is afflicted by some other planet that planet should be propitiatedThe entire system is created solely to relieve people from their problems. The Lal Kitab is based on principles of Samudrik shastra and Jyotish Gyan. It has its own set of concepts, analysis and solutions quite different from conventional branches. The branch is essentially based on palmistry. The chart of an individual is cast by reading the palm and positions of various signs on it. Day, place and time of birth are of no importance.

Sometimes the chart matches the horoscope derived by classical Indian astrology. Although the chart derived by Lal Kitab is different from the conventional horoscopes in many ways, the trait that sets Lal Kitab apart is its uniquely effective and unbelievingly simple remedies it offers for various planetary afflictions in the horoscope. The remedies can range from throwing something in the river, to feeding dough to the dogs. No matter how hopeless the situation seems to be, in majority of cases Lal Kitab claims to provide fast and effective solutions for each and every one. Many believe Lal Kitab to be an ancient book from Persia with unknown authorship. In relevance of modern times, Lal Kitab is a famous publication of five successive volumes published between 1939- 1952. The author of the book who has written it in interesting verses of Urdu and Punjabi is Pt Roopchand Joshi (1898 - 1982).

While it is acknowledged that he wrote the book based on his own study of physiognomy, astronomy and by some divine inspiration. Irrespective of the claims, Pandit Roopchandji is known to be the foremost master of the art, who made his work public through his books. The basis of Lal Kitab lies with Samudrik shastra. A chart is cast by studying the subject`s palm. The palm is divided in twelve zones as per the twelve houses in the horoscope. The placement of various types of signs, symbolic of each planet is marked out and detailed planetary position is depicted in the chart. The native problem is analyzed by looking at the horoscope. Influences of planets are derived out of their positions in the respective houses. Cause of the trouble is singled out. Then accordingly certain remedies are suggested to encounter malefic effects of the particular planet. The Sutras explained in the book guides every interpretation. Through Lal Kitab system, a subject`s house`s vastu can be derived out by looking at his horoscope. Certain remedies are suggested to change the vastu of the house by placing things in certain direction.

At other times remedies comprises of simple use of non-living objects/ eatables etc. The cures are provided by altering the presence of objects around us, or by making slight changes in the routine. Thus, this combination of Vaastu, palmistry and astrology is used to gain practical insight in human life, and alter it with amazing simplicity. Lal Kitab does not believe in complicated methods of analysis and solution giving. Lal Kitab is classified extensively in Five volumes: Lal Kitab ke Farmaan: This book sets the foundation for the Lal Kitab astrology. It is a thoroughly illustrated book in which usage of Samudrik shastra is explained in detail. Right from explaining toenail and lines on forehead, to with fine points of palmistry is described in relevance with their respective relation to the planets. Every further move is based on these basics only.

There are about 181 farmaans in the book. Lal Kitab ke Armaan: This book lays the foundation of the basic astrology. The twelve houses, and Lal Kitab astrology is explained with reference to the palmistry in the earlier sequel. In this book, the relation between signs on the palm and chart making is established. Effects of the planets in the houses are also described in details. Certain concepts are also introduced in this book, which are exclusive to Lal Kitab astrology only. Gutka: Gutka is a pocketbook for reference. In this book, the combined information from the early two books is summarized for the benefit of the reader. A unique and simplified method for creating Varshphal is also described here. In this method, time zones can be fine tuned in months, weeks and even days, hours, minutes and seconds. Predictions are made with accuracy using the Varshaphal system.

Lalkitab-1 and Lalkitab-2: These two books in the sequel have various remedies for different planetary afflictions described in details. These may be the simple remedy pertaining to change the vastu of the house, or doing certain actions utilizing eatables and inanimate objects. Though some methods may seem close to voodoo methods, none of these are ever intended for any harmful purpose. The Lal Kitab remedies are so simple to follow that they automatically generate doubts about the effectiveness. Cures can be as simple as giving donations, to feeding cows and dogs. The remedies are cheap and are known to give quick results.

The results can Meeraculously obtained within the range of a day to 43 days. Such methods against the laborious methods of Yantra, mantra and Jap prove to be effective and easy to follow. Lal Kitab also warns that if a proper astrologer does not suggest remedies, they should not followed or should be instantly abandoned if negative results begin to show up. Interestingly, Lal Kitab remedies are irrespective of any religious beliefs.

The remedies might include some warnings, or certain rituals to be followed only after a certain age. The remedial suggestions can range from keeping a dog, or keeping association with a particular bodied person (like a black woman).

Each remedy is assigned for particular planetary afflictions. Such remedies are for general welfare. Yet there are general remedies such as

  • No eating on the bed;
  • Discarding old useless things from home;
  • Not insulting one`s elders and parents. Thus, Lal Kitab is quite popular with the masses, as even an illiterate and poor man can follow up the solutions. Still, a systematic study of the work is required. It is a common belief that the book will eventually be properly understood and will be added to the already rich heritage of Indian astrology.

















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